My apprenticeship journey

Apprentice Harriet

Our very own apprentice at Salad Skills, Harriet, has detailed her journey in this wonderful post that explores what made her look into doing an apprenticeship, the highs, the lows and how she thinks everyone should be considering apprenticeships for themselves…

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We’re one of the districts Pioneer 10!

We are so excited to be able to finally reveal that Salad Skills, have been named as one of Market Harborough Districts ‘Pioneer 10’ for 2017-18.

We’ve had to pitch our socks off but all our hard work has paid off. This is a huge accolade for us, as we have been publically acknowledged as a high growth, ambitious business as part of the Harborough District Council, 2017 Business Awards, Pioneer 10 phase.

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Big businesses missing out on new “apprenticeship tax”

Apprenticeship Funding


Businesses could be “giving away” thousands of pounds because of misunderstandings over the Government’s new Apprenticeship Levy.

Straw poll research by industry experts Salad Skills exposed gaps in companies’ grasp of the new levy, which comes into force next April.

“This is one of the most significant changes to apprenticeship funding and will affect all businesses with a £3 million plus payroll. It’s essential that businesses know how to get the best out of it,” said Sarah Cripps, Salad Skills director.

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Sa;ld Skills Offices

The Salad Gems are pleased to announce that they will be relocating from Kibworth to the Harborough Innovation Centre, (HIC) Market Harborough on 1st March.

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Baby Gem

Hello, I’m Sarah Stocks (aka Baby Gem) and a 15 year old from Robert Smyth Academy.

I just wanted to talk about the fantastic opportunity I have with Salad Skills; an opportunity I found myself. As part of our school education we’re required to do work experience and so I started by doing my own research and ended up finding my perfect work experience placement at Salad Skills in June 2015. Sarah and Jo were delighted by my motivation, independence and the fact that I wanted to work for them rather than expecting a work experience opportunity to find me.

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Sald Gem Kress Luncheon

In January 2015 Salad Skills launched The Kress Business Lunch Club as part of our commitment to developing people and supporting the local community; something that the founding directors Jo and Sarah are passionate about.

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Sarah and Jo, the irrepressible duo, which makes up the core of the rapidly growing apprentice recruitment service provider Salad Skills are undoubtedly passionate about what they do, and have been excelling at doing, since the businesses establishment a few years ago.
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