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Salad Skills has a decade of experience working in apprenticeship recruitment and now supports levy-paying organisations with finding training providers for their existing staff.  Our values remain the same today as they did in 2012.

Our Values
Honesty icon

If we can’t provide the solution that’s right for you we won’t pretend that we can

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No matter what age you are, developing skills improves knowledge, confidence and career opportunities. We’re as passionate about investing in our own fab team as we are for our customers 

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Value for Money

Whether accessing funding or arranging commercial contracts we at Salad Skills promise to offer value for money

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We are based in the countryside but there’s no sheep dip approach when working with Salad Skills

Helping you build your future workforce

How ?


Salad Skills offers a 5 step, customised apprenticeship recruitment service for businesses small and large.

We fill 98% of all vacancies. 

Recruitment infographic

Candidates going through this process have been proven to be more likely to complete their apprenticeship. Salad Skills' success rate being 82% (data collected September 2016) as opposed to the national average of 64.7% (Source: Dept of Education March 2020)

After 8 attempts of going down the ‘free route’ we enlisted the support of Salad Skills who filled our IT Technician role at their first attempt

Our methods seek to draw out an individual’s values and attitude and matches these to the recruiting company’s.

You can teach skills not attitude so we focus on potential aptitude.

Services for levy paying organisations

Since 2017 we’ve been working with levy-payers to support them with the implementation of upskilling their staff through apprenticeships. Our experience covers local authorities and the private sector across a broad range of industries. At the core is our commitment to ensuring your staff get access to quality apprenticeship training provision, that the levy is responsibly utilised and is a true partnership model.

As a large FE college we truly value the authentic approach from Salad Skills. Their monthly learner tracker reports provide us with rich data that tells us what we are getting right for our apprentices and what we need to do to improve.

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