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Sarah Cripps Managing Director
Sarah Cripps
Managing Director

Sarah’s motto in life is that if we’re on the planet once we might as well be the best we can be and this applies to her approach in all aspects of her life and it’s no different with Salad Skills. She is also a learning fanatic and knows first-hand the commitment it takes to undertake any form of training once you’ve left school.

Sarah’s first part-time course was touch typing and her proudest achievement was gaining a Masters Degree in High Performance Working Practices after 3 years of part time study at Leicester University whilst working full-time with a family. Fun features heavily in work and home life and she is often described as hard working but bonkers.

Joanne Walton Operations Director
Joanne Walton
Operations Director

Jo is an inspiration to all mums out there who choose to take a career break to raise their family. Jo ran the household as well as supporting her husband’s business and runs a tight ship at Salad Skills. She is fastidious about systems, processes and attention to detail.

Sarah and Jo broke all the rules by starting up a business based on friendship but they recognised that their value systems were identical as was their passion to offer educational opportunities to the unskilled. Their psychometric profiles are like a jigsaw puzzle; individually they are opposites but together they create a dynamic picture of completeness. Like Sarah, Jo’s motto is about working hard but making sure fun features a lot in the working day.

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